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Getting around

Getting around – is easy, safe and economical, either by taking one of the local busses or hiring a taxi.

The taxi stand is at the main square or you can have one pick you up at QQ if you wish. Taxis will take you to dinner then return for you at a specific time – most drivers speak English. Taxi cost from Chapala to Ajijic is about $50 pesos regardless how many people are in the cab.

The local buses travel between Chapala and the town of Jocotopec located at the far west end of the lake. There are two kinds of buses, direct and local. The direct buses are larger and travel along the main highway making only one stop at each village. The local buses begin in Chapala and travel through each small village stopping where ever someone wants to get on or off. This is the greatest bargain tour around as you can get a seat where the bus begins in Chapala and take a leisurely ride to San Antonio, Ajijic, the hot springs of San Juan Cosala or go all the way to Jocotepec.

Tours & Sightseeing Excursions

Tours & Sightseeing Excursions – can be arranged for you at the QQ front desk. Try a shopping trip to Tlaquepaque or Saturday in downtown Guadalajara. Every Thursday is the Tonala outdoor market, one of the largest in Mexico. Tonala and Tlaquepaque are less than 45 minutes from QQ, and  downtown Guadalajara is about one hour. Any of these personalized tours are available for two people or small groups of 6 or 8 . A fun excursion is to hire one of our bilingual taxis to take you on what we call “the lakeside tour” which takes you through the various villages on the north shore as well as the residential developments occupied by our ever growing North American expatriate community. This tour takes about two hours and as of this writing will cost about US $13 to $15 per hour for two people.

Travel Outside the Immediate Area

Travel outside the immediate area – can be accomplished via ETN luxury buses or via one of our bilingual taxi drivers that specialize in extended tours. Check with the QQ front desk for assistance.

A Local Map & Directory

A Local Map & Directory – is available at the “QQ” front desk.